Workplace Habits and Poor Posture

Chiropractic Newsletter March 2019

Workplace Habits and Poor Posture

If you work at a desk job, it is easy to get into bad habits that can cause worse pain than you ever imagined was possible from sitting wrong. Bad posture in the workplace can cause your joints to fall out of alignment and results in stress to your muscles and the tissues around them. When your posture is poor, your muscles weaken and your joints become less flexible. Chronic pain can occur as a result of the stress on your spine and lead to back pain and headaches.

Signs of Poor Posture

As we age, bad habits at the office such as slouching and lack of exercise during the day can cause muscle fatigue and tension. Some signs that you might have bad habits at work include rounded shoulders, a potbelly, your head leaning forward or backwards, back pain, muscle fatigue, headaches, and bent knees. With some lifestyle adjustments, you can improve your posture and spinal health.

Tips for Better Posture at Work

To improve your posture and back pain, you need to practice good habits at work.

  • Don’t slump or slouch at your desk; sit all the way back in your chair with your feet flat on the ground.
  • Move your shoulders back and open your chest to alleviate tension and prevent slouching.
  • Make sure your eyes are at an equal level of your computer screen so your neck isn’t tilted up or down.
  • Stand up and stretch every 30 minutes to loosen your muscles.
  • Set reminders on your phone or computer to stretch and move around.
  • Exercise regularly to keep your muscles and joints loose.
Products that can improve your Back Pain at Work

To work more comfortably, you may want to consider using these products:

  • Lumbar support pillows for your chair
  • Footrests to keep your feet flat
  • Risers for your computer monitor
  • Adjustable standing desks
Alternatives for improving your posture and back pain

You can improve your posture and pain by seeing musculoskeletal specialists such as chiropractors. Physical therapy provides treatment and prevention of chronic conditions including back pain through different exercises. Chiropractors use different spinal manipulation techniques – including adjustments and massages, to relieve pressure on your joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function. If you are still experiencing back pain with improved workplace habits, a chiropractor can conduct an examination and diagnose damage that has already occurred.

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