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Use your approved In-Network prescription for chiropractic care at my office immediately. We are an approved In-Network provider. We provide complete physical therapy in the form of ultrasound, electrical muscular stimulation, deep tissue massage, spinal decompression, and adjustments to help with your low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, or whatever your prescription calls for.
If you are are not approved yet but you are approved for an evaluation we can do the evaluation and then do a report and attempt to get visits for chiropractic approved depending on your complaint and diagnosis.

How to get a chiropractic referral?
If denied a referral, how can you get around system, etc.?
Chiropractic services are part of the standard medical benefits package available to all veterans.

VA facilities can choose to provide chiropractic care in two ways:

1) By having an on-site chiropractic clinic
2) By sending veterans to a private chiropractor using the “in-network” approach where the VA pays the bill

Over the past years thousands of veterans have received chiropractic care at VA clinics as well as through the in-network procedure.

Veterans Rights

Many VA primary care providers are routinely discussing chiropractic care as an option with their patients. If your PCP has not discussed this with you, bring it up and explain why you think chiropractic treatment can be a good option for your particular problem. Download the official VA document designed for patients interested in exploring chiropractic treatment. This document is to be shared with healthcare providers in the field and/or at the medical site.

The following are reasons to consider chiropractic treatment, and some of these may apply to you:

1) I have tried it before and it worked for me
2) I have a friend or relative with similar problems and chiropractic care helped them
3) I prefer to avoid unnecessary pain medication for my problem
4) Chiropractic treatments such as spinal manipulation have as much scientific evidence as NSAIDs, opiods, muscle relaxants and exercise for managing back pain
5) Chiropractic treatments such as spinal manipulation are part of current VA/DOD guidelines on treating back pain

Remember that chiropractic services are part of your standard VA benefits and no VA facility can tell you that they “do not provide” chiropractic care. Some veterans have found that the VA is very reluctant to send them for in-network chiropractic care, and have required that they jump through many hoops to get a referral for chiropractic. This is against VA policy and does not go along with VA’s own stated mission to be “veteran-centered.”

You should be very concerned if your PCP refers you for in-network chiropractic care and someone else at the facility denies that referral.

If you suspect that you were unfairly denied chiropractic care you should make a complaint with the patient advocate at your facility.

If that is not successful you should bring it to the attention of a VSO such as VFW, Wounded Warrior Project or others. The more veterans that make this known, the more likely it is that positive change will occur.

The VA determines healthcare eligibility based on a number of factors, including the type and extent of military injuries, military service and a Veteran’s financial status. Click Here to learn more about VA Healthcare Eligibility.

Learn more about current research and legislation regarding chiropractic and the military.

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Chiropractic Care for Veterans Available Through Fee Basis Program


"I started receiving chiropractic care in 1983 and have used many different chiropractors over the years. Dr. mark and his staff are tremendous. They are very friendly and really take care of you from the therapy right through the adjustment. They are always careful to find out where my current problem is located and take special care to work with that area. My whole family visit the office each month for spinal maintenance and all of them feel like they are treated very special. I would highly recommend Dr. Mark."

"WOW… I wish i could tell you how this man has Saved My Life… it seems like maybe once a year i pretend im 20 again and try to do things i used to do over 30 years ago…You know what happens, that's right, that sharp pain shoots down your legs and you look for the closest spot to lay down… well well, not anymore… I call 760-410-2373 and WOW, Dr. Mark goes to work and its Magic… I’m a New Man Again… I’m hoping this message can save one or more people like it did me. After years of trying other chiropractors is was thinking my only hope was going to be under the knife. then one day at our church my friend said you should try this doctor in San Marcos right off the freeway , my friend said “HE IS THE BEST”…My friend was right on and its been a great six years. i wish i would of wrote this review years ago , but you know how life goes by so fast. i just wanted to finish by saying from the time you call his staff on the phone you feel like a lifetime friend , and they really care about you and the staff customer service is like customer service used to be in the good’ old days…. A+ Thank You Dr. Mark"

"I injured my back last year doing squats at the gym. Being young and stupid, I tried to work through the pain. I was in so much pain that I could barely bend over and pick up 50lbs without feeling like I was crippled and that I would never be the same again. After 6 months of agony, I visited Dr.Mark. The first adjustment to my back was incredible. I felt better after just one visit. It took about 6 months to fully recover, and I now go in for regular adjustments since I still like to put tremendous stress on my back while working out. Also, Pam and Janette are great, and you won’t find a better staff anywhere."

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