How Can Spinal Decompression help me?

Lumbar Spinal Decompression


A Breakthrough Technology in Pain Relief

Finally a revolutionary new therapy has helped thousands of people nationwide in relieving back and neck pain caused by herniated or bulging discs, facet syndrome, degenerative joint disease, pinched nerves and other spinal afflictions.

Decompressing the spine allows for the intradiscal pressure to cause a "suck back phenomenon" on the extruded portion of the disc. This alleviates pressure on the irritated nerve causing the pain in the arm or leg.

In combination, the axial decompression opens disc space and IVF space (where the nerve exits) and stretches surrounding soft tissue such as musculature, ligaments and tendons.


It's called the LCD Spinal Decompression System. Using cutting edge technology, This treatment is a non-force, non- adjustive computerized spinal disc decompression therapy that was designed for people with disc related conditions, sciatica, failed back surgery, chronic pain or people that have not responded to traditional chiropractic.


The table works by providing a gentle spinal decompression/traction by way of a computerized pulley system and a sliding table mechanism. It is easy, painless and research has shown it to be over 80% effective with the most severe of cases!!! Just lie down, relax, and start feeling better!

To help you learn more about this awesome procedure please contact our office for a free CD-ROM that completely explains exactly how the procedure works as well as many facts and testimonials.

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