Fibromyalgia Treatments

Fibromyalgia refers to a complex, chronic medical disorder that impacts one's central nervous system. Those with fibromyalgia experience a host of symptoms, including mood & sleep disturbances, increased sensitivity to pain, cognitive challenges, and more. If you or someone you know/love in the greater San Marcos, CA area is experiencing 'Fibro Fog' or related symptoms, Dr. Mark Cafagna provides various complementary therapies to manage fibromyalgia's varying symptoms.

What Causes Fibromyalgia?

Most experts agree that fibromyalgia likely involves a combination of genetic, psychological, and environmental factors.

While the specific cause of this medical disorder is yet to be entirely understood, what is known is this medical condition is significantly more common in women than in men. The disparity between men and women has been observed across cultural and clinical settings, with some estimating that 80 to 90% of all diagnoses of fibromyalgia happen to women.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

The symptoms associated with fibromyalgia vary in intensity from person to person and often come and go for the same individual. The most common symptoms include one or a combination of –

  • Chronic, widespread dull, deep achy pain across the body
  • Specific points of tenderness
  • Persistent lack of energy
  • Concentration, focus, clarity, and processing problems
  • Stiffness/achiness upon waking
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Digestive Issues
  • Moodiness/Emotional Distress

Treating Fibromyalgia

A medical diagnosis of fibromyalgia is often formed after a comprehensive medical evaluation and to the exclusion of other conditions with similar manifesting symptoms. Treating fibromyalgia is a multi-pronged task as it usually includes a variety of therapies and lifestyle modifications to ensure proper management of its disruptive symptoms.

Chiropractic Care is a Fundamental Component of a Fibromyalgia Holistic Treatment Plan

In the context of the medical condition known as fibromyalgia, a chiropractor's services may offer these benefits -  

Pain Relief

Chiropractic adjustments/manipulations can help reduce fibromyalgia's musculoskeletal pain. A chiropractor can address muscle tension and malfunctioning joints, which helps provide pain relief from the symptoms.  

Improved Spinal Alignment

Chiropractic manipulations are designed to align the spine, enhance nerve function, and improve the body's overall functioning. While a misaligned spine does not cause fibromyalgia, a properly aligned spine positively affects the body's ability to function and heal.

Enhanced Joint Mobility

Chiropractic techniques help with classic fibromyalgia symptoms by providing -

  • Improved flexibility.
  • Loosening of muscle tightness.
  • Reduced stiffness.
  • Enhanced range of motion.

Challenged by Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

If you face challenging symptoms from fibromyalgia and live/work/play in the greater San Marcos, CA vicinity, contact Dr. Mark or his staff at 760-410-2373 or online to set up an appointment or professional consultation. We look forward to creating a fibromyalgia treatment plan customized to meet your specific needs.

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