Supersize Aftermath

Supersize Aftermath

Have you seen the movie “Super Size Me”? It is a must see and you’ll be amazed! We’re killing ourselves because we have not taken control over our own health over the course of a lifetime doing the “little” things that are really huge when done consistently. Ultimately, it is each one of us. We make the decisions. So, the question is, What is your lifestyle costing you?

Take a look at these latest facts on the number one cause of death in the United States. Do you know what it is?

Medicine is the number one killer in the U.S.

Hospital Adverse Drug Reactions-106,000 Deaths-Cost 12 billion.

Medical errors-98,000 deaths-cost 2 billion

Bedsores-115,000 deaths-cost 55 billion

Infection-88,000 deaths-cost 5 billion

Unnecessary Procedures-37,136 deaths-cost 122 billion

Outpatient Adverse Drug reactions-199,000 deaths-cost 77 billion

Surgery Related-32,000 deaths-cost 9 billion

You do the math, it is staggering! This is per year! Are you sure you want to put your trust in medicine? Medicine does some great things, but when it comes to health care, they don’t have a clue. Start doing the “little” things today and for the best adjustment in town at the best fee, give me a call or just come in.

As always, I’m here for you and I appreciate your support.

Until next time, God bless you and yours.


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