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What Is Chiropractic

Chiropractic Treatments

drmark_office_5.jpgChiropractic treatment consist of treating the neck or neck pain, treating the mid back or mid back pain, treating the lower back or lower back pain as well as any muscle, joint, and/or nerve pain with adjustments and therapy for the purpose of restoring normal mechanical function.

People go to chiropractors for a lot of different reasons. Some for wellness and others for pain relief. As the public shy’s away from drugs and surgery and demands a more holistic approach to health care the awareness of chiropractic has grown.

Chiropractic is now the third largest form of health care in America behind only medicine and dentistry. Still only 20% of the public is either seeing or has seen a chiropractor. Most people still really do not know the benefits of chiropractic and are unfamiliar with this form of care or are just misinformed of the many benefits.

The science of chiropractic is based on anatomy, physiology, and pathology. The basic principle is that normal body function is essential to good health. Normal body function is directly dependent on a properly functioning nervous system. The nervous system is the primary controlling system of the body. It controls everything in the body. Your nervous system consists of your brain and spinal cord.

The spine is a structural – protective 24 bone functional organ with joints. Due to trauma or stress the nerves that eliminate from your spine and the joint area of the spine can get pinched or irritated. This leads to pain, spasm, and joint stiffness. Some times it can to lead to more severe conditions as well. This can include numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, even organ dysfunction.

I am trained to detect and determine the condition of your spine and locate areas of improper function. We call these lesions of the spinal joints “SUBLUXATIONS”. Areas of the spine where there is bio mechanical abnormality and improper function. We then provide gentle adjustments in the region of the spine where the subluxation is found and over time the body will improve in it’s function and the symptoms subside due to the changes being made.

“When a person tells me that they do not believe in chiropractic I realize that they do not know what chiropractic is because chiropractic works whether you believe in it or not. It is based on anatomy, the structure of the body, physiology, the function of the body, and the nervous system, the controlling system of the body, along with the bodies own innate ability to heal itself.

Chiropractor’s simply work with the bodies own ability to heal itself and assist it in ridding it of the nerve interference and joint dysfunction so that it can function properly. Chiropractor’s treat the cause and not the symptoms.”

drmark_office_6.jpgAs a result of learning the life long benefits of chiropractic a lot of our patients come in for wellness care so that they can avoid the problems that build up over time and can lead to more serious pain, spasm, or even disease. Chiropractic is the safest most effective way to stay healthy for a lifetime. It is also the least expensive.

From: Dr. Mark

San Marcos’ Dr. Mark provides health information and treatment that transforms people’s lives by increasing their energy, excitement, and youthfulness for life.

If you are suffering from some type of pain problem – no matter what the cause. You owe it to yourself to call Dr. Mark and see if the life changing benefits of Chiropractic treatment at Cafagna Chiropractic are for you.

Dr. Mark offers a complete state of the art office located in San Marcos, that specializes in gentle treatment that will make you feel welcome the moment you enter.

He treats all pain syndromes including Headache, Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain, and Disc related cases.

Dr. Mark has also had great success with nerve pain into the arms and legs, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel and TMJ.

If you have been told you need thousands of dollars of treatment based on x-rays that were taken as a free offer you owe it to yourself to contact Dr. Mark for a FREE consultation to review those X-Rays and determine if in fact that is the case.

I state that I am a chiropractor that you can trust because I will let you know the truth. Some people do in fact need substantial treatment, but often X-Rays are an exploited selling tool that is used to “sell” treatment.

Contact Dr. Mark today, or stop by his San Marcos Office.