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The 6 Little Things

The 6 Little Things

I hope you have been enjoying our Monthly Newsletters. As you know, they are very informative. At the same time, there is much more information I want to get to you. So I will be adding an “extra” Newsletter from time to time, which will bring you much more information on pertinent health topics, as well as monthly offers and general office updates.


Do you realize that it is not any one thing that you do from day to day, that determines your overall health? Many little things done routinely that synergistically make a huge difference. Without seeming pompous, I want to define “synergistically”, because this is the key. This very big, fancy word just means all the little things adding to one another to make a huge difference. The sum is greater than the parts. They, the little things, done routinely-add up. Over time, with consistency, take us to a new level of health. “What ARE the little things?” You ask? Well I’m glad you asked! Some of them are really not so little. In fact, they take time, effort, and some-even money! But again, if done consistently, they take a lot less time, effort, and money than the sickness. And, You get to feel better more of the time.


1) Sleep. A good night’s sleep- on good mattress, with a good pillow and the proper position. NEVER SLEEP ON YOUR STOMACH! NO MATTER WHAT! Sleeping on your stomach is one of the worst postural things you can do. If you sleep on your stomach, I can guarantee you chronic back pain. Always sleep on your side or your back. Always keep your head and neck in a neutral position. When on your side, have your nose and belly button on the same line. When on your back, have your ear, shoulder and hip in the same line. Check your mattress and make sure that it is not lumpy and worn out. If it is, and you are not in a position to buy a new one just yet, put a piece of ply wood underneath it and add a 2-3 inch memory foam pad to the top. This will help substantially. Make sure that you turn it regularly. Make sure you sleep on a pillow that is proper for your size and the best is usually on that can be molded. Down filled or the new memory foam is very good. The bottom line is, you should wake up rested and feeling good. If you wake up sorer than when you went to bed, then you either slept in the wrong position or you slept on a bad mattress or pillow!

2) Nutrition. You need to take a good food supplement that helps reduce the effects of a toxic and stress filled world. Take at least a good multi-vitamin/multi-mineral everyday! The new phyto packs are excellent. ONE-A-DAY OR CENTRUM ARE NOT FOOD SUPPLEMENTS! They are artificial, non-food source vitamins made in a lab. That’s why they are so cheap. You want a natural cold processed, no artificial anything, real food source product that is really condensed food in a pill/capsule form. You will pay more, but it’s worth it. A specialty that I take, and anyone that is dealing with any type of acute or chronic pain is glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. This product provides the nutrients to help reduce inflammation and provide healing for soft tissue injury. It works and it is one of the small things that you can do on a regular basis. I can get you any supplement you want-So just ASK!

3) Exercise. The best one for you? The one that you will do 3X’s per week for 30 minutes. Meaning, the one you enjoy the most and will continue to do. FACT:30 MINUTES OF WALKING,3X’S PER WEEK IS ALL YOU NEED! Does mean that walking is all we should do? No, but it’s a whole lot better than nothing. Everybody should also do some light weight training. Recent research has shown that light weight training helps people maintain tissue integrity. That translates to younger, youthful looking skin and bodies. UP TO 20% YOUNGER THAN PEOPLE THAT DON’T LIFT WEIGHTS!!

4) Breathe. Three cleansing breaths 3x’s a day. It may seem simple, but people don’t breathe. We are so tight and stressed that we don’t use our lungs properly. Breathe in through your nose until full capacity is reached. Then hold for a count of 5, and then exhale through your mouth-repeat 3 times. The energy and immune increased in your body will be huge.

5) Water. You need more of it. Research has shown that 80% of all Americans are dehydrated. We need to drink half our own body weight in ounces of water per day. So, if you weigh 150lbs. you need 75 ounces of fresh water per day! Allergies, constipation, energy, digestion and many other bodily functions are greatly improved when the body is properly hydrated.

6) Chiropractic. You absolutely need to be adjusted on a regular basis to maintain maximum health. There is nothing that can replace the need for an adjustment. It will help with every aspect of your being. Sleep, digestion, immune support and relaxation are just a few. Not to mention the added benefit of proper spinal movement and function. If you do all of the above items, but do not get adjusted, you will not be as healthy. Your chances of getting arthritis and osteoporosis of the spine are greater. The beauty of getting adjusted is that it helps with all the other items I have mentioned because it keeps the nervous system free from interference and when your nervous system is free from interference, the rest of your being functions at a higher level.

So here’s the question: “Why don’t we do these little things on a consistent basis?” It can only be for a few reasons. One, you don’t know about these things and therefore, you don’t know about the benefits. Two, you don’t want to spend the money. Or three, you don’t know who to trust and don’t know if the information you’re getting is accurate. Well, I can help! In the first, it is my goal to continually bring you the best information so that you will be informed in the latest in health, fitness, nutrition, and chiropractic arenas. Second, I have come up with a new existing patient monthly health plan. (Contact the office for this GREAT OFFER!) Lastly, because you know me and have experience with my office and my commitment to you and your family. I hope that you do trust that what I share with you is EXACTLY what I do for myself and my own family. I have been doing what I just shared with you for the past 24 years! If it works for me, it will work for you. But, you have to do the little things consistently.